Price & Associates is a nationally and regionally Medicare & Life licensed Insurance Company headquartered in Memphis, TN. As independent brokers we are able to easily provide a wide selection of plans to our clients that suits their health and needs.

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They have been the only one able to help me figure out how to enroll into a plan. When I lost my coverage I was in a nightmare and had to wait forever to get social security on the phone.

Carolyn Hopkins

I thought I could never get life insurance, but Price & Associates was able to find a good fit for me and my budget.

Sean Gilliam

When we buried my brother we didn't have the money, and no one knew who was going to take his three kids in. They are in a good foster home now, but I want my family to have the finances availble to care for my children if I pass unexpectedly.

Victoria Rodriguez

I really appreciate Price & Associates for taking their time to actually confirm with my doctors, and my formulary to make sure everything was right. They have proven to be the best!

Earline Richardson